Computer network

September 24, 2014

The state of having at least two computers on a common ground is defined as a computer network. Once computers are connected with each other either by cables or via a wireless device, they are capable of exchanging and sharing data which is the crucial aim of creating a computer network. Thus, this general type of network is also known as data network. Two names are widely used and there are no differences between them. All devices are connected with each other but the connection does not need to be direct in order to exchange data. Nevertheless, no matter if a particular connection is direct or not, all devices are linked by a system of nodes.

In some computer environments nodes are in fact cable media but in other areas there are no cables at all. When no cables are involved a computer network is wireless. In fact, barely one assumption is necessary to be valid in order to claim that two devices form a network. This assumption is connected with data share as network is created once there is a possibility of sharing data with another device. It is the major characteristic feature that is used to determine whether we deal with a computer network or not.

Not only computers can be an integral element of such network as the type of devices connected with each other via network is not limited. Among other devices that can be network elements are phones, servers and networking hardware. At the very beginning of networks their use was mostly restricted to military purposes. The first active network implementation was made in late 50s when a military radar system SAGE was being created.
Nowadays, computer network can be divided into such types as: LAN, WLAN also known as WAN and a variation of WAN which is MAN. The first network type, LAN is a local-area network which means that computers which form network are located close to each other in a geographical sense. In most situations the geographical sense equals to being in the same room. This type is most frequently used in offices, at schools and at universities.

Another network type is WLAN and the most characteristic feature of this type is diversity. There are two major sub-types of WAN that are called: MAN and CAN. MAN is a name used for networks that are active in a particular city or region. Thus, the full name of MAN is Metropolitan Area Network. WAN network in general is Wide Area Network and is undoubtedly faster than using a modem. WAN network speed is approximately 5 times faster than transferring data using a traditional modem.

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