Computer network’s safety

January 1, 2012

Once a user enters The World Network he is no longer an individual and independent organism as to some extent he becomes the integral part of the Internet. Popularity of the cybernetic world is constantly raising and so is the amount of Internet users. The possible majority of users is interested in discovering The World Network as well as they use it for numerous purposes. Among such purposes there are such motivations as broadening one’s knowledge, gaining information on topics of interest or learning the current news. A still rising amount of Internet users need a stable as well as safe connection as safe Internet is their medium of communication of many values as there are endless possibilities of using network. According to Internet Use Among Midlife and Older Adults Research among the most popular reasons of using Internet are such activities as information research, communication via e-mail and online shopping. Many of declared activities require 100% safety. What do we do to remain safe in The World Network?

The first thing that we need to realize is the fact that level of computer networks’ safety is an absolute priority no matter of place where we use network and regardless of the Internet use purpose. The World Network is an international area of such cyber crimes as not only hacking which is gaining access to a base or to a computer with no permission. There are many other cyber crimes that are no less dangerous and thus, maintaining and protecting the computer networks’ safety is essential. Apart from hacking every user can suffer from cracking which is gaining access illegally while it is done by password breaking also known as password cracking hence the name of this infamous activity. Other activities practiced on the Dark Side of the Internet include session and also browser high-jacking which are used to change individual users’ settings. Before you learn more about the practical side of the computer networks’ safety you are potentially vulnerable to the attacks of spoofing which includes pretending to be a particular user who in most cases is a person that a user knows. This method is used when valuable and private information is needed. Phishing involves attempts to steal one particular information from users which is a password.
Computer network’s safety is in fact knowledge and protection. There are key words that once remembered are bound to be useful. Those words are: confidentiality, authentication, authenticity, data integrity, identification, non-repudiation, access control and authorization.

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