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HP is probably known to everyone who is interested in modern technologies and uses them in everyday life. This American company over the years, earned a great reputation and today is one of the largest companies in the world. It is therefore a bit to bring her story and give you information that for many may turn out to be a surprise. HP is an acronym for Hewlett-Packard, which is the full name of the HP name has to do with the names of its founders. HP was founded by William Hewletta and Dave Packard - two students at Stanford University.

It took place in 1939, and so really long ago. Thanks to this, the company can boast of a truly rich in history and a huge luggage of experience, which in vain look for most competitors. The company was founded in the garage of one of the buildings in Palo Alto, California. It was here that the famous Silicon Valley their headquarters here and has many companies operating in the industry of modern technology and computer science.

The HP headquarters can still be found in this place is admittedly not in the garage, but still in Palo Alto. Hewlett-Packard's first product was not however, the computer, but the audio oscillator, which could boast exceptional then precision. Thanks to its reasonably priced (approx $ 55 apiece), the company has many customers, among which was Walt Disney's company. It is worth mentioning that the competing, less accurate device cost then ok. $ 200. As you can easily deduce the product proposed by students at Stanford University was simply a much better option.

The founders of the company from the very beginning, the settled on its harmonious development, as well as on her most important capital, that is people. It is on people HP based its success. After so many years we can safely say that it was a very good choice, and the use of this approach for many years has brought us a lot of benefits and allowed her in 2010, become the second largest computer company in the world. It's a huge distinction that require work and effort of many people. I'm sure HP have many snaps once consumers and its competitors-has the predisposition and has the appropriate employee staff. There is nothing else as you wait for the next move on the part of the American computer giant.